Christmas Reindeer Red Sofa Cover

Machine washable

Durable & affordable

Sale price$39.95
Size: 1-Seat - 35-55in (90-140cm)
Breathe new life into an old sofa with these amazing vibrant elastic and stretchable covers!

Our sofa covers are suitable for ‘L-Shape’, ‘Single Armchair’, ‘Loveseat’, and ‘No Armrest Style’ sofas (see 'How to pick correct size & install' below).

A durable red sofa cover will enhance your furniture cosmetically and functionally. Whether you have a new sofa that you don’t want to get ruined or a second-hand sofa that needs a face-lift, our covers save you money and they’re easy to fit and take care of.

Before you spend a fortune having a sofa reupholstered or just throw the whole thing away, consider one of our amazing covers.

The fabric of this sofa cover stretches to fit even hard-to-cover sofas and is designed to stay in place.

There are many variants to choose from in our range which will add great visual interest and color options that let you choose the perfect look for your room.


Made with high-quality polyester and spandex to create a tight fit on any size and shape sofa.


Protects your sofa from spills and stains.


Design in multiple colors that will give your interior a major focal point to upgrade your living space.


Fully machine washable on a warm wash.


Made from durable material that's ideal for protecting your sofa.

Size Guide

** Please measure your sofa prior to purchasing to ensure the best fit.

How to Install