Solid Camel Chair Cover

Fits 99% of most chairs

Machine washable

Durable & affordable

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Breathe new life into an old chair with these amazing vibrant elastic and stretchable covers!

Our chair covers are suitable for a large range of chairs (see 'Size guide & install' below along with compatible chairs).

A durable chair cover that will transform and enhance your chair cosmetically and functionally. Whether you have a new chair that you don’t want to get ruined or a second-hand chair that needs a face-lift, our covers save you money and they’re so easy to fit and take care of.

Before you spend a fortune having a chair reupholstered or just throw the whole thing away, consider one of our amazing covers.

The fabric of this chair cover stretches to fit even hard-to-cover chairs and is designed to stay in place.


Made with high-quality polyester and spandex to create a tight fit on any size and shape chair.


Protects your chair from spills and stains.


Design in multiple colors that will give your interior a major focal point to upgrade your living space.


Fully machine washable on a warm wash.


Made from durable material that's ideal for protecting your chair.

Size guide

1- Back Height: 18-24in (40-60cm)
2- Seat Length: 15-19in (38-48cm)
3- Seat Width: 15-19in (38-48cm)
4- Seat thickness: 1.5-4in (4-10cm)

** Please measure your chair prior to purchasing to ensure the best fit.

How to Install

Suitable Chairs

** Please allow a small color difference due to different displays and lights from your device/monitor. Most of the chair covers will be very true to the picture however some may have a little difference from the image because they have been photographed under bright studio lighting.

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